The next Cancer will start in 22 days (Thursday, 22 June, 2023, 08:13 UTC)

The Moon moves to Cancer in 19 days (Monday, 19 June, 2023, 08:13 UTC)

Mercury moves to Cancer in 27 days (Tuesday, 27 June, 2023, 08:13 UTC)

Venus is currently in Cancer


Venus In Cancer

Venus is the planet of sensitivity and affection, while Cancer is the most nurturing zodiac sign. When these two get together it creates the potential for greater intimacy, and the chance to build up our romantic relationships. We’ll want to stay at home and bond, cuddle, and talk about our feelings. If your love life has been stalled, or if you’ve been dating a commitment-phobe, things may start looking up during this time.

The urge to care for others  will be stronger while Venus is in Cancer. Family and feeling connected to your roots will become more important and more fulfilling during this time. Nesting will provide a great deal of pleasure now, and you may decide to decorate a room in your house or purchase new furniture or decor. Your home will be your sanctuary, and you’ll want to do what you can to ensure that it is a safe space for you. If you’re in the market to buy or sell, Venus (the planet of money) in Cancer (related to real estate) may be a good time to act.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit moody and emotionally delicate when Venus is in Cancer, especially when it comes to your friendships and romantic relationships. This transit can leave us feeling more sensitive than usual, opening us up to the possibility of being wounded emotionally. Cancer’s self-protective nature is to withdraw and hide when this happens, so be mindful of that possibility. The upside to this level of vulnerability is that your heart will be wide open, allowing you to attract and give love more easily.

Mars is moving from Gemini to Cancer

"Attention, Whovians and Astrology Fans: Mars is Regenerating from Gemini to Cancer!"

MarsMars is moving from Gemini to Cancer in the next 24 hours.

#Mars #Cancer #Gemini

My dear space travelers, Mars is moving from the chatty sign of Gemini to the emotional and sensitive sign of Cancer. This means that our red planet is in a moody state, so be prepared for some turbulence in your personal relationships. For Aries: Don't let your fiery temper get the best of you. Take a deep breath and count to ten before reacting. #ChillOutAries For Taurus: Your practical nature may clash with the emotional needs of those around you. Try to find a balance between logic and empathy. #PracticalButSensitive For Gemini: Mars in your sign has given you an extra dose of energy, but don't forget to slow down and take care of yourself. #GeminiOnTheGo For Cancer: Congratulations, it's your time to shine! Mars in your sign will give you the courage to speak your truth and stand up for yourself. #CancerPower For Leo: Mars in your twelfth house may bring up some old fears and insecurities. Use this time for self-reflection and personal growth. #LeoSelfLove For Virgo: You may feel a bit scattered and overwhelmed with tasks, but don't worry, you'll get through it. Just remember to take breaks and prioritize your mental health. #VirgoOrganizedChaos For Libra: Mars in your social sector may bring new connections and opportunities. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and network. #LibraNetworkingQueen For Scorpio: You may feel a bit more emotional than usual, but embrace it! Vulnerability can be a strength. #ScorpioEmpathy For Sagittarius: Mars may bring conflicts in your career or public image. Stay true to yourself and don't compromise your values. #SagittariusIntegrity For Capricorn: Mars in your travel sector may inspire you to take a trip or explore new cultures. Go for it, but don't forget to plan and budget accordingly. #CapricornWanderlust For Aquarius: You may feel a bit out of sync with those around you. Embrace your individuality and don't be afraid to stand out. #AquariusUnique For Pisces: Mars in your financial sector may bring unexpected expenses. Stay calm and find creative solutions to manage your money. #PiscesResourceful

Mars, Gemini, Cancer

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