The next Leo will start in 10 days (Monday, 22 July, 2024, 22:37 UTC)

The Moon moves to Leo in 22 days (Saturday, 03 August, 2024, 22:37 UTC)

Mercury is currently in Leo

Mercury moves to Leo in 34 days (Thursday, 15 August, 2024, 22:37 UTC)

Venus is currently in Leo

Mars moves to Leo in 115 days (Monday, 04 November, 2024, 22:37 UTC)


Mercury In Leo

Fire sign Leo is all about direct communication, so we won’t hold back when Mercury and Leo team up! If something has been on our mind but we’ve been too intimidated to say it, this is the time when we’ll finally have the guts to speak up. Just be careful, because Mercury is speedy and Leo is expressive, so words can come flying out of our mouths a little too well.

Mercury in Leo gives us a license to thrill. Leo is one of the most entertaining and high-impact zodiac signs, so we can expect a lot of jokes and laughter during this transit. An added benefit? Leo is social, meaning there will be plenty of lighthearted and witty banter to go around.

Think of the confident Lion, mane blowing in the wind, strutting his stuff... This is our time to shine! We’ll all adopt some of that self-assured swagger, making it easier to get up in front of a crowd and put ourselves out there. If we’ve been putting off any speaking engagements, Mercury in Leo would be the perfect time to finally go through with it.

Our creative juices could start flowing when Mercury is in Leo. This is an opportunity to channel all of Leo’s passion and enthusiasm into an artistic pursuit of some kind. We might find ourselves picking up those paintbrushes and dusting off our cameras so we can get out there and create, create, create.


Venus In Leo

When lovely Venus enters Leo, the most expressive of all the zodiac signs, we’re ready to shout our love from the rooftops. Leo is a Fire sign that’s all about creativity, showing off, and speaking from the heart, so this energy lights up love like a torch. Expect playful dates, loud declarations of love, and maybe even a few jealous tantrums. Big feelings will be expressed now, one way or another!

No one wants to simply be liked or appreciated when Venus is in Leo, we want to be adored. This is a time to take risks and make grand gestures, so those who play it safe could be left on the sidelines during this transit.

Clearly, love isn’t calm or easygoing while Venus is in Leo. While the Lion just wants to play and enjoy life, Leo is also a sign that’s full of drama, and if we feel like we’re not getting the attention or recognition we deserve, we may lash out at lovers who are only doing their best. During this transit we may even start a passionate argument just to stir things up and feel like the center of attention again. Remember, there is no "i" in "we," and the more we focus on only ourselves and our own needs, the more likely we are to end up with just that: only ourselves.

Money is a means to an end while Venus is in Leo. It’s all about making yourself and the ones you care about feel like a million bucks. Leo is an extravagant sign who appreciates glitz, glitter, and glamour, so it’s natural to splurge a bit during this transit. But pampering ourselves will only bring us a certain amount of satisfaction. Leo is a supremely generous sign, and spending money on thoughtful or over-the-top gifts for others will make us even happier than treating ourselves now.

Venus is Leo is an especially colorful time that can re-energize your relationships with others, and remind you that a life without a little bit of fun and excitement is no life at all.

The Moon is moving from Cancer to Leo

"Brace Yourselves, Earthlings! The Moon's Shifting from Cosmic Crab to Galactic Lion - A Timey-Wimey Astro-Adventure Awaits!"

The MoonThe Moon is moving from Cancer to Leo in the next 24 hours.

Moon In Leo

With the moon in Leo, you're going to want that attention. That's just fine, but don't let that go to your head. Watch that you don't create drama as you do some self-promotion and build your brand. Make it happen while keeping an eye on not overdoing it.

Now is also a good time to reach out and make sure the important people in your life know how you feel. Feelings of insecurity shouldn't lead to conflict, so focus on the good and leave the angst for another time.


#Moon #Leo #Cancer

Greetings, interstellar wanderers! Your astro-nerd-in-chief here, ready to spill the cosmic beans on the Moon's rad journey from Cancer to Leo! 🌙🦀➡️🦁 Oh, #MoodyMoon, why must you be so dramatic? Like an over-the-top reality show host, you're moving us from our cozy crab shells to the lion's den of self-expression! Prepare for some major mood swings, my galactic friends. 🦀😅🦁 In the land of Cancer, we've been dwelling in the depths of emotion, snuggling up with our feelings, and reminiscing about the good ol' days. But now, it's time to let out a mighty roar and embrace your inner lion! #LeoSeason As we transition into this fierce feline energy, don't be surprised if you find yourself craving the spotlight a little more than usual. Hey, who doesn't love a good strut down the runway of life? Just remember, balance is key! Channel that cosmic catwalk confidence without turning into a diva. 🔥💃🏽🌟 This lunar shift is also a great time to flex your creative muscles, so bust out those artistic projects you've been putting off! The stars are aligning to make you a celestial Picasso! 🎨🌌🌟 And of course, we couldn't forget about love! With the Moon shifting into Leo, it's time to embrace your inner romantic and let your heart do the talking. Just be careful not to let your pride get in the way of true connection. #LoveIsInTheAstroAir 💞🌕✨ So, buckle up space cadets, because we're in for a wild cosmic ride! Embrace the change, let your mane down, and remember - you've got the heart of a lion, and there's no mountain too high for you to climb. 🦁💫🚀 Until next time, keep reaching for the stars, my fellow stargazers! Peace, love, and astrological vibes! ✌️❤️🌠 #MoonInLeo #AstroNerdVibes #OutOfThisWorldHoroscopes

Moon, Cancer, Leo

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